Hyundai Heavy Industries set out its power equipment business in 1977 to diversify its revenue structure, supplying circuit breakers, power distribution systems, current motors, switchgears and other tools in markets across the globe.
By utilizing the most modern design, technology, and equipment, Hyundai Power Transformers can complete a product and provide service that can meet and exceed the customers various requirements for their equipment.
Hyundai Power Transformer USA's goal is to meet or exceed our customer's requirements.

1. Optimize Our Business Structure
- Make "growth engine" business divisions more competitive, technologically advanced, and profitable.
- Establish positions in business fields with sizeable markets and high growth potential.
- Leverage core competencies to enter new business and exit low-profit, marginal businesses.

2. Maximize Our Global Competitiveness
- Develop bases around the world for production, sales, and R&D.
- Establish regional headquarters in major markets.
- Establish a global network linking regional headquarters with each other as well as global headquarters.

3. Develop Advanced Technologies
- Make major product lines leaders in their global markets.
- Enhance core technologies to higher levels.
- Strengthen collaboration between R&D centers and business divisions.

4. Build Efficient Production Systems
- Streamline and maximize the efficiency of existing facilities.
- Improve quality and productivity by automating facilities.
- Create efficient and integrated management systems.

5. Create Innovative Business Practices
- Increase outsourcing of low-value-added business and operations.
- Maintain flexibility in resource utilization for facilities, people and funds.