Capacity up to 500kV 750MVA, worldwide expriences with proven record
Competitive price
On-time delivery
Qualified engineers and skilled workers
Advanced design technology to perform seismic analysis and short-circuit calculation
Equipped with the most advanced manufacturing and testing equipment
Quality control on every process of manufacturing
1. Production Range
1) Power transformer
2) Distribution transformer
3) Cast resin transformer (Up to 30kV, 7MVA)
4) Reactor
5) SF6 Gas Insulated Power Transformer
6) Special purpose transformer
3. Xformer with Natural Ester-based Fluids
Characteristics of Natural Ester-based Fluids
Reduced Fire Liability
Reduced Environmental Liability
Insulation Life Extension
Prevents Moisture Buildup in Insulation Paper
Reduction in Voltage Stress Gassing Tendency
Elimination of Sludge and Copper Coking
4. Inspection and Test Program
1) Routine Test
Winding Resistance Measurement
Ratio Check
Phase Relationship Check
Insulation Resistance Measurement
Insulation Power Factor Measurement
No load loss & Current Measurement
Impedance Voltage & Load Loss Measurement
Impulse Test & Switching Impulse Test
Induced Over-Voltage Withstand Test
Partial Discharge & RIV Measurement
Oil Leakage Test
2. R&D and 3D CAD System
Design Department-Standardization & Manufacturing Design
1) Electro Mechanical Research Institute
Electro Magnetic Analysis
Thermal & Fluid Analysis
2) VIT -Ukraine
Ultra High Voltage Transformer
Gas Insulated Transformer
Basic Design & Analysis
3) Industrial Research Institute
Mechanical strength
4) Maritime Research Institute
Vibration & Noise
5) Hunelec - Hungary
Hybrid Insulated Transformer
Light Weight Transformer
Basic Design & Analysis