Features of Shunt Reactor
Non-flammable, non-explosion
Small size and light weight
Easy to maintain
Reduction of construction cost
Outstanding insulation, moisture-proofing and protection against dust
Specification of Shunt Reactor
Phase 3 phase
Frequency 60㎐
Rated Capacity 50MVAr 100MVAr
Rating Continuous
Rated Voltage 345kV
Core 3 angle air gap type
Rated Over Capacity 105% from rated voltage
Neutral Point The neutral point of each winding is commoned inner tank and the lead brought out from the bushing through the tank
Connection Wye
Temp. Rise Winding(Resistance) 65℃ (55℃)
Insulation Oil(Temp. Indicator) 55℃
Cooling Type Indoor : FOW
Outdoor : FA or OA
Low Frequency Voltage(Applied Voltage) 185㎸ (1min.)
Basic Lighting Impulse Withstand Voltage(1.2×50㎲) Line 1050㎸
Neutral point 450㎸
Reactance 2380.5 ohm 1190.25 ohm
Inductance 6.315 henry 3.157 henry